We help our customers with smart and effective special supplies for the workplace. We strive to achieve the highest possible overall quality in every aspect of our business. This applies to product quality, design, customer service and personal meetings with our customers.

Our vision is to be the leading choice in personal sales. Our business model creates a warm, efficient and harmonious working environment.

Our mission is to offer price-worthy and smart products for the conscious workplace through the practice of personal sales.


Our symbol is the frog. The frog has since the dawn of civilization been of great symbolic significance. The transformation from eggs and tadpoles to a frog is an ever-changing process that symbolises new life, development and hope for the future.

The frog also represents happiness, harmony, well-being and a long and fruitful life. Therefore, we are very proud to be represented by the frog!


Our ever expanding product catalog is designed to satisfy the most demanding work situation. In close cooperation with our customers we constantly renew and further develop our articles to always be at the frontline regarding function, quality and design.

We see our sales force as part of the product. Our greatest goal is to help our customers. Demonstrations, education, logistics and service visits are all included in the product as a benefit towards our customers. We have indesputable quality with the best range of products for the conscious workplace.


Design and form is as important as functionality for us to appreciate the characteristics of a product. Beside the obvious ambition that all of our products must have great properties and benefits, we also put great emphasis on the design and the visual aspects. 


Our specialised sales staff visit our customers in their natural working environment to analyse their common problems and needs. We then offer the best solution to help the customers with their specific situation.

We believe in long term relationships and understand the importance of being able to have confidence in your supplier.

We work with personal sales and service, where our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations of us as a supplier.


Fredrik Kling
E-mail Fredrik
+46 (0) 766289997

Fredrik started his career as a vacuum cleaner salesman, and then continued his career as a salesman, general manager, sales manager and as Scandinavian Sales Director. Fredrik has 20 years of experience in direct sales and has also acted as principal and head lecturer at numerous sales training and management courses.

Sekina Kling
Sales Manager/Co-Founder
E-mail Sekina
+46 (0) 766280059

Sekina began her career as a telemarketer and then enjoyed a great career as Direct Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Company Manager and Business Group Manager in Scandinavia. For 10 years, she was head of a successful company in the hygiene and work environment. She has trained and developed hundreds of sales people throughout her career and is deeply involved in product development.

Henrik Åkerlund
Communications Manager
E-mail Henrik
+46 (0) 766289938

Henrik started his career as salesman at a record company and he has since progressed as Graphic Designer, AD, Market Manager, Editor and Communicator. Henrik is the creator behind all the design in the Kling Group and is responsible for all our marketing materials, product and packaging design, web, social media, the blog and recruiting.

Niclas Fång
Office Manager
E-mail Niclas
+46 (0) 766299265

Our administrative multi-artist Niclas began his career as an engineering assistant, and has a background as cameraman, project manager and production coordinator. Niclas is responsible for our warehouse, logistics, our office, administration and customer service.








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