Kling Academy is primarily intended to act as a collective name for our internal educations and lectures. However, we also offer custom-tailored courses externally. We have over 20 years of experience in educating sales managers, salesmen and focus on personal development. We teach relationship between the body and the mind and how to use physical and mental techniques through new routines to succeed in personal goals.


Kling Academy is the collective name of our courses and lectures, as well as where we train salespeople within our own company. We also offer a large number of courses and lectures externally. Contact us for a customized training or courses according to your needs and wishes.


Vi erbjuder föredrag inom hur man konkret sätter upp rimliga och mätbara mål samt hur man tar dessa från teori till praktik. Vi tror att mycket av ens resultat spirar ur motivation och arbetsglädje och har även stor erfarenhet hur man skapar bästa möjliga förutsättningen för att själv lyckas!


We hold courses in sales technique and how you as a leader create success within your own sales team. Sales routines focuses on first impressions, demonstration technology, idea & function and how to close the deal.


Every life situation looks different and we mean that a balance can be found in life regardless of the conditions. We believe in change, being active, living life, discovering things and not letting things stand in the way of our own dreams. We have developed physical activities and strengthening group exercises for the workplace that we like to demonstrate in a group on site. Contact us for more information!