Increasing numbers of workplaces become aware of the importance of providing an optimized work environment for their employees. Today, we help thousands of workplaces across Scandinavia with quality assured and innovative products that create a cleaner and healthier work environment.

Together with our customers and suppliers, we have developed a large amount of customized products that activates you during the workday, reduces sickness absence, and create a healthy work environment. Our trained health and safety consultants will visit your workplace and provide free consultation and inspect the working environment. With our many cost-effective and custom-designed products, we can offer optimal solutions for your specific needs.


That the air we breathe is clean is important for productivity during the work day. We know the importance of having a clean and fresh indoor air and have therefore created this product range.

The range includes products that clean and oxygenate the air, compressed air spray, which easily cleans in tight spaces, as well as short and long-term odour removal products.


A good personal hygiene is important for preventing the outbreak of occupational diseases, which has resulted in a number of products focusing on disinfection, cleaning and long-term protection against bacteria.

Our products focusing on human skin are extremely popular with our customers and are very gentle to the skin.


Where there are people, bacteria, dirt and impurities are formed. We have therefore developed a number of products that together ensure that you get a clean and healthy work environment in the workplace.

We have environmentally friendly products for scrubbing and cleaning as well as a number of accessories that make cleaning more efficient. Most of this range is produced in Sweden, which is also positive for our environment!


It started with a thought. That ergonomics was incredibly important but that the concept itself still felt a bit outdated. Our thinking is that instead we deal with the problems before they happen and without affecting productivity.

Kling Active is a concept with a number of products and tools that really make wonders against bodily wear during the working day. Among other things, this concept includes our amazing stand mat, Stand Active, and our Active Seat activation pallet. All products have a perfect balance of support and user-friendliness.


Making notes anywhere and anytime is a prerequisite for being flexible and not allowing good ideas to be wasted. This concept therefore includes both traditional products for the conference or classrooms that have a standard Whiteboard solution, but also our smart solutions to accommodate meetings, training, lectures or brainstorming anywhere.