We create safe workplaces around Scandinavia by offering smart, clear and effective first aid products. Our trained instructors also offer a number of training courses that ensure that the workplace staff know what to do if the accident happens. With the help of innovative first aid products of high quality combined with life-saving courses, we build a safer working environment in your workplace.


The accident may happen at any time and then you need to be prepared. We have a number of different First Aid Kit that meets your big and small needs


We offer a variety of product options for rinsing your eyes and wounds from dust and dirt. Our representatives offers custom-made solutions for your specifik needs.


When you get a burn damage, it is important to cool down the damaged area as quickly as possible to reduce skin damage. We have smart solutions for both acute burns and aftercare.


We have a wide range of wound care and patches for all possible situations. In addition, we market practical accessories that increase the availability of wound care at the workplace.


Being confident in the knowledge of what needs to be done when someone gets a cardiac arrest may be the difference between life and death. We tailor-made lifesaving training programs and customize them according to the size of the workplace. The main focus of the courses is on CPR, D-HR defibrillator and Child CPR. After completing training with one of our instructors, a personal certificate will be obtained, as well as a certificate to the company confirming what the staff at the workplace have learned.