All workplaces look different, and often the working day places hard demands on staff in terms of efficiency, accessibility and organization. We want to simplify this work so that important information is available to all employees. This is a prerequisite for a time-efficient and natural flow in the workplace.

We have developed practical, simple and effective tools to arrange and simplify common information flows in the office. We offer custom-designed paper handling, sorting, setup and organization products, as well as a wide range of waterproof products for those who have an outdoor workplace. In short, we want to simplify the process to quickly and easily create permanent and easily accessible information.


We have a wide range of stylish, efficient and practical products to better manage your office environment. The basic idea is to save time and space in the office by simplifying the procedures for sorting and organizing important documents.


Our growing range of set-up products includes some of our true top sellers. The basic idea of the concept is that it should be easy to visualize important information in the workplace. The collection includes, among other things, self-adhesive signs that you can print yourself, smart self-adhesive pockets where you easily replace the information in or flexible set-up solutions that take up little space but have great functionality.


Workplaces of today can vary a lot in many different ways. Flexibility, efficiency, and the ability to work anywhere are all important terms in today’s working environment. We have taken advantage of this and developed a number of products for anyone who has the need to work anywhere in any weather. All products are durable and of high quality, and the concept also includes waterproof products, A3 handling tools, and convenient storage solutions when you want to bring important paper.


Being visible and making your brand or logo known to the outside world is a prerequisite for success with almost any kind of business. We have a variety of products that, in addition to their already distinguished features, are also suitable for profiling & printing.