Dirty rooms and messy environment is good for no one. A clean and fresh environment is needed to perform at maximum.

Together with our customers and suppliers we have developed a large variety of custom products for personal hygiene and cleaning. These products prevent disease, help you keep your work space clean and fresh as well as ensuring smooth and efficient procedures for all cleaning.

The quality of the air we breathe strongly influence how we feel. The air is fresh and free of harmful particles is essential for us to enjoy and feel good at work.

Tiredness, headaches, dry eyes and chapped skin are all the effects of not having a good air climate. We have a number of practical, attractive and smart products that both cleanses and moisturizes the air we breathe in the office. These help to create a healthy and clean indoor environment allowing you drop the whole working day without being lethargic.


An efficient work place often makes hard demands on staff in terms of efficiency, availability and Organization. We want to simplify this process so that important information is presented to all employees in the best possible way. This is a prerequisite for obtaining a time-efficient and natural flow in the workplace.

We have developed practical, simple and effective tool to create order in the usual flow of information in the office. We offer proprietary products for paper handling, sorting, sets and organization as well as a variety of water-resistant products for those who work outdoors.

In short, we want to simplify the process to quickly and easily create resistant and easily accessible information.


Primarily Kling Academy is supposed to act as an platform for our internal courses and lectures. However, we will now also offer, plan and implement our customized training programs externally.

We have over 20 years of experience in educating sellers in leadership, sales techniques and personal development. The focus is on the connection between the knob and the body and how through new routines one can use physical and mental techniques to achieve their personal goals.